Zaandam 2005 (The Netherlands)
This is our first succesfull project in the Netherlands! At first we had in mind to take photos at the old Sint Andreas hospital in Amsterdam, but when we arrived there, most of it turned out to be demolished already. Eventually we ended up in Zaandam, at the Hembrug-terrain. As far as we could check, this area was never before photographied by a urban explorer.

At the moment it is almost completely abandoned, but untill recently it was used by the ammunitionfactory Eurometaal and the Dutch Secretary of Defence. The original owners were the Secretary of War, the ammunition- en weaponfactory Artillery Institution and the Tool-and Equipmentfactory Hembrug. It was top-secret there was ammunition made, explosive material stored and weaponry tested. At it's peak over 7500 men worked at the Hembrug area.

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