Le Valdor 2004 (Belgium)
The weekend of 8 and 9 Oktober we got a trip planned to the city of Liege, a Valhalla for anyone who loves desolate architecture. Our goal was Le Valdor, a former mental hospital. The new one was already build right next to it. But standing in front of the old Valdor, it made a huge impression to all of us.

Now it was time to make plans how to get into the old hospital unseen. On the outside high fences with barbed wire restrain passengers from taking a closer look at this magnificent building. Furthermore, Le Valdor is standing in the inner city of Liege, which makes it even harder to get inside without being noticed. And the gendarmerie can be called in a instance.

After we took a good look around, we decided to take our chances by entering Valdor through the hills on the backside , not knowing if we would arrive on the right spot.
After some climbing up those hills and coming down again, it appeared this wasn't the best choice we could have made. To reach Valdor we either had to go back, or run through people's garden, cross the active railroad, through the thick bushes and still climb over a fence. But we decided to do so, going back was not a option.

If we made it to Valdor without being seen is not really clear, but we doubt it. But we arrived and a open window was quickly found.

Long corridors, stairs at the end of every passage. A strange kind of silence. This building is such a immense labyrinth of passages, stairs, halls and rooms that it seems like the doctors wanted to make sure everyone inside was mentally ill and would stay that way...

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