Uckange (France) 2004
After a long journey through the south of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and the north of France we arrive in Uckange. In front of us adorns the coolingconstruction of the blast furnaces, impressive, dominating.

We par our car to find a store, the long trip made us thirsty. We yearn for beer and find a gasstation that sels it. We walk past the brick wall that separates us from this location. A conspiscious lot of policecars patrol in the area of the factory.

After a policecar just passed us, Dimitri walks in a steady tempo towards the brick wall and pulls himself up. Exactly at that moment another policecar passes by and stops. My heart pounds like a hardcore beat. We have to show our passports.

Fortunately the policemen don't react like I read in stories of colleague-explorers. We can go freely and walk back to our car. We decide to drive to the other side of the area and try again. It's easier to get in from here and a few minutes later we are at the terrain

In the mean time it's getting late and two hours later it's getting dark. Sytse, a friend who joined us on this occation saw a helmet somewehere inside the building and wants to take it as a souvernir. On full speed he runs into a complete dark room where the helmet was supposed to be. We hear a muffled boom and run in his direction. Sytse comes out of the building, groggy, with a small hole in his head, the helmet in his hand. Unfortunately we all just put away our cameras so we couldn't record his foolish look. It appeared he walked into a iron bar.

We walk back to our car and spend the rest of our weekend as tourists in Luxemburg.

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