Nordhorn 2004 (Germany; our first trip)
After we got a bit lost in Germany, close to the Dutch border, we parked our car to get something to drink and to take a look on the map. By coincidence we parked next to a old abandoned factory. We decided to take a look inside.

It appeared to be a big complex, which excisted out of multiple buildings. Everywhere long passages connected the several rooms, departures and stairwells. Lots of things just stood there like they were left the day the factory closed it's doors. You imagine how they worked there, what went on inside the factory and how they left on the last production day, probably with lots of insecurities for the near future, and knowing they would never set foot inside the factory again. When you're there, thinking those things through, somethings happens to you. The big halls, once filled with many workers, are now undefinably empty, only disturbed by the flying (and everywhere shitting) pigeons. This building told us a story about old glorytimes, but showed how soon those moments of glory fade away.

After this first contact with a forgotten world our interest was definately awakened.

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