Royal United Leatherfactories Oisterwijk, Holland 2006
After our 4-days journey with 4 locations in Belgium, we were almost obliged to shoot some pictures of our own industrial inheritance again. Eventually we came up with Royal United Leatherfactories in Oisterwijk, near Tilburg in the deep dirty south of the Netherlands ;) There are not so many abandoned places of this size in Holland and some samll parts of the building wre still in use by some small companies. More information about this spot will be added soon.

Kortrijk, Belgium 2006
Not such a big update, but still interesting for the abandonedfactory-fetishist among us. We don't really know much about this factory. We did talk to a man who lived nearby, but unfortunately he was too drunk to give us any usefull information. So if there are any sober visitors on this site who can tell us anything, we'll be pleased to hear it.

Castle Ter Beke Antwerp, Belgium 2006
A really small update unfortunately, some locations are just a bot of a disappointment when you visit them. The small castle Ter Beke in Antwerp was in such a bad condition, it was hard to take some photo's.

Castle Rochendaal Bevingen, Belgium 2006
We added some new photos to our website, pictures we took at the castle Rochendaal in Bevingen in Belgium, a nice abandoned former military location we visited during our 4-day visit.

Castle of Mesen, Belgium 2006
Another update, photos of the castle of Mesen are online.