Hasard Cheratte 2004 (Belgium)
Despite the fact Hasard already shut down in 1977, it's still stately there. Most of the buildings go back to the beginning of the last century. The former mine lies against a hill in the small village of Cheratte near. The complex of passages of the mine are beneath the neighbouring hills. Across the closed gate at the main entrance still are some (occupide) houses. At the gate there's a sign warning for watchdogs. Is it still hanging there since 1977?!

We decide to try entering Hassard through the hills on the back of the mine. After a heavy journey (through thick grown bramble-bushes including nasty thorns!, up the hill and down a real sharp drop down), we finally stand on top of Hassard's wall which is about 6 meters high. So trying to jump down doesn't seem very wise. The soil is definately not even and there's a big chance of spraining something. We also heard dogs barking. It was'n very clear if the dogs were on the domain of the old mine, but with the warningsign at the gate still in mind, we decide to climb back up the hill and try to get closer to the main building.

Going down was relatively easy, and a few minutes later we enter the building. On the inside a abandoned and forgotten world shows it self. Inside the changing rooms there still hang some rags from what once must have been some worker's garment. Shoes and boots already stand several years, abandoned, on the same place, untouched. You get the idea workers can come in any time, not disturbed by your presence.

Hasard is special and lets you experience the reality of past times.

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