Budapest 2005
Like a drug addict feels a rush once he gets in touch with his dealer and his drug, the full-blooded factory-tourist feels that same rush when he gets in touch with the greyness of the world that surrounds him. Something has to be found to satisfy his needs, his drug, the abandoned factoy.

So that's what happened in Budapest, where we stayed during the holidays for a week. Looking at so much lost glory in the outskirts of Budapest, we had to meet our deepest desire. And we found what we were looking for: a empty factory.

Once found, we had to get inside. On the terrain a few men were clearing the biggest rubble. Luckily for us, they were at the back of the old factory most of the time, so we could climb over the fence without being noticed. The factory wasn't as nice as other abandoned places we'd seen, but we felt at least as much tension as we did at other forbidden places. Normally the tension fades away after we have succesfully entered the building, this time it didn't. We didn't know if or when the workers would enter and had to move without making any noise.

When we left the factory, we ran into one of the workers. Without anybody saying anything we walked calmly to the fence and climbed over it, leaving the man there in astonishment.

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