Oranjeboom brewery Breda 2005 (the Netherlands)
Sometimes you think you've seen the best abandoned places, and even to continue on your adventures can't help to equal those most precious experiences. At that time it's the greatest when such an idea is taken down by paying a visit to another fantastic place. Thanks to Fleur van Zuilen from Breda we had a similar experience in the last weekend of oktober. Her tip: the abandoned Oranjeboom brewery in Breda in the Netherlands.

The adventure in the former brewery was one of the greatest untill now. Just when we thought we had seen it all, we discovered new spaces, new possibilities, a beer tasting room, a recreation area including a fireplace and stage, and finally the undisputed highlight: an area with the old copper kettles in wich they used to brew the beer.

It must have been a great deception for all 334 employees who lost their job. On thursdaymorning the 29th of April 2004 the beerproduction once and for all was terminated. Exactly at 10.27 p.m. the last bottle was bottled and the filling installation 'Column 6' was shut down. This ended 376 years of brewing tradition, formerly ended on the first of July 2004. From that moment on nine other breweries in Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and Great Brittain took over the production. In Breda only the head-office for Holland (220 emplyees), a liquor wholesaler's and a servicedepartement catering technique remained. The bottle-filling line moved to Russia and the Ukraine. Thank you Fleur for this magnificent discovery!

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