Avis Verffabriek Westzaan 2005 (the Netherlands)
Via a message of Hans Klopper from Leiderdorp (see our guestbook), we heard of an empty paintfactory in Westzaan.

The first signs of a company on the place of the current factory go all the way back to the beginning of the 18th century. In 1702 the (probably) first director of the bluepaintfactory was appointed. The bluepaintfactory in those days consisted of a so called ‘steedmill’ (a mill wich was driven by a horse). Working in the bluepaintfactory was filthy work, in wich lots of dust came free. Because of that everything in the mill became blue, also the horse. Because of this the name of the factory became suitable “the blue stallion”.

When you enter the factory now, about 300 years later, the blue glare is still present. On the same spot the mill once was, now stands the factory, but the colour is the same. The same blue colour that kept the Avis employees occupied for over 300 years.

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